Spark Plugs: Male Spark Plug, Female Wire, What Gives?

I’m sure that every half-capable home auto mechanic on the planet already knows this, but if you’re a total spark plug amateur like I was this afternoon, this might save you some time.

Sometimes your spark plug wires have female plug connectors, and sometimes they’re male. Same goes for spark plugs. I bought plugs this morning and they had female ends, and so did my wires, like this:

I thought I had purchased the wrong plugs so I headed back to the auto parts store. Turns out — ta-da! — the ends of spark plugs are removable; you just unscrew the female ends to reveal the male connector. I felt dumb but I’m glad I know.

I had to use a pair of pliers to break the ends free, but they came right off. Anyway, if you’re having this problem, now you know.


  1. Cheers, you are you only one that gave this information quick and informative.

    Helped me out.

    Cheers from uk

  2. Now I know, thank you :)

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