2014 Mazda6 Bluetooth Stopped Working

2014 Mazda6 and Bluetooth Entertainment Console

I like my new 2014 Mazda6 a lot.  It’s a good car, but within a couple months the Bluetooth stopped working.  Definitely not something you want to see, especially on a new car.

I’m writing this post to help anyone who might have the same problem.

My car has the touchscreen entertainment system, which includes Bluetooth for streaming my telephone and media through the stereo.  The Bluetooth worked perfectly with my iPhone–until it stopped.  When I say stopped, I mean the car’s bluetooth shut off on its own.  When I pressed “PHONE” it wouldn’t respond.  If I pressed the Bluetooth buttons on the steering wheel, the screen would say “Starting Bluetooth Hands-Free System, please wait…” but nothing would change.  The Bluetooth tab in on the stereo was grayed out.  It was impossible to reach the Bluetooth pairing screen.

I ran into this thread on the Mazda 6 Club Forums, where user GeraldEGB suggested disconnecting the battery for a few moments.  This fixed everything.  Cutting the power must have reset the system because once I reconnected the battery, the Bluetooth started working again.  It’s a very, very simple fix.

For reference, here’s the battery on the 2014 Mazda 6:

2014 Mazda6 Battery Terminal Location

To fix it, I disconnected the negative battery terminal (shown with the red arrow) for about three minutes or so.  There’s no need to disconnect both wires or remove the battery.  I don’t know if the Bluetooth system will quit working again, but if happens infrequently, performing this fix a time or two per year is fine with me.

Before doing this I contacted the proper channels for help, including Mazda USA and my dealership, Orem Mazda in Utah.  Included with the car is a handy pamphlet called 2014 Mazda6 Smart Start Guide which includes Bluetooth setup instructions.  On the Bluetooth pairing page (p. 29), it includes this information:

Mazda Smart Start Guide

When my Bluetooth stopped working, I called the toll-free number (1-800-430-0153).  The Mazda tech was friendly but told me it wasn’t a software problem; something was physically wrong with my car and I should call my dealership.  Perhaps the Bluetooth had come unplugged from the entertainment system, he said, and my dealer would correct it.

At Orem Mazda, they said they couldn’t fix Bluetooth problems, and they wrote a Bluetooth support phone number on a card.  Apparently I needed to call this number for a ticket number before they could do any repairs.  As you may have guessed, the phone number from the dealer ended up being the same one that referred me to my dealership in the first place.  This is the same circular, lazy, pass-the-buck routine I see between techs and dealers in almost any industry.

All this, and I only had to disconnect a battery terminal.

More and more, looking for answers online beats talking to professional technicians.  I’m bugged that the techs never bothered to check online for an answer.  And I ignored a major rule of electronics: If it’s not working, unplug it and plug it back in.


UPDATE August 2015:

A while ago my in-dash GPS system stopped working. The map was stuck in one location, which was on a freeway onramp near my house, and it never moved from that spot, even though I had driven thousands of miles in the meantime. Today I decided to try the trick above — unplugging the battery and plugging it back in — and it reset the GPS. Now my maps work perfectly and the GPS follows me as I drive.

So, in case you have trouble with your GPS, the unplugging trick works for that too. Since it has now fixed two computer glitches, I’m guessing there are lots of other Mazda6 computer issues that can be fixed by simply unplugging the battery.


UPDATE August 2017:

It has become obvious that Mazda’s infotainment system is buggy, and not just for a few people. It’s a really common problem. From the comments I’ve learned that this works on CX-5, Mazda3 — really, any Mazda with the infotainment system shown above. Apparently they’ve used it in lots of different models since, oh, 2010 or so. I only own one Mazda, but I’m guessing this system is still being installed in new cars. Thankfully this fix works for all of them, not just Mazda6, and not just 2014.


  1. I have a 2014 Mazda 6 Sport, 2nd hand. It has Rear Vehicle Monitoring (RVM), which is one of the things I wanted fitted on the car. At first I was not able to get the dame thing to work. I then read on the net that a person had a similar issue . They found out (more I think by accident) that the issue related to the Bluetooth connection and their android mobile phone. When they tried to link the phone to the car it stopped the RVM working. They believed it related to the new software uploaded to his android phone. The car did not complete the connection completely and therefore affected (for some strange reason) the RVM.

    I did get the RVM to work after reading the info about the android phone (my phone also an android mobile). Found one of the uploads where not ticked. However something changed or I must have done something and it stopped again. I tried the fuse box trick with the audio as the audio system and Bluetooth is linked (would have the same affect as removing the battery). At the time of typing this, it seems to have cleared the fault. When the ignition is on, when the RVM switch is pushed, instead of an orange light on the dash, I now have a green light. Phone has also linked to the car ok. I’ll have to take the car for a drive to fully confirm it works ok on the road, but so far so good and a simple way to clear the issue if it happens again.

    A had a Nissan Note that had an issue with the radio. Channels kept jumping briefly. When the battery drained one day, I called the AA man came out to assist. He had to disconnect the battery (when battery was charged) to get the immobiliser to clear and allow the car to start (believe the immobiliser thought the battery had been tampered with when it died – power drain). This also seemed to clear the fault on the radio and it has since then stopped jumping channels.

    Sometimes I think electrical products sometimes get confused for various reasons. Battery taken off line or just removing the fuse for a couple of minutes, help electrical systems to ‘clear their head’, so to speak. Similar to a mobile phone locking up, removing the battery gives the device I chance to re-set its self, clear the issue and start a fresh.

    May not work on every occasions, but does seem to indicate that trying a simple solution (turn power off) may in fact solver the issue; or if no change or the issue comes back again, may indicate a more serious issue requires attention. At least is saved the initial cost of taking in to be checked and costing money, when a simple solution would suffice.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have the same problem on my Mazda 6 – 2013 model.
    Thanks for the tip.
    Peter from Australia

  3. Did not work on 2015. Tried both fuse and battery method.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I decided to try taking out the fuses and putting them back in first. (That seemed easier than disconnecting the battery. Maybe I’m wrong about that.) That solved the problem right away! Thanks so much to the helpful posters in this thread! That was much quicker than taking it in to my mechanic. Cheaper too (since my 2014 Mazda6 is no longer under warranty).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Had the same issue with Bluetooth not responding in my 2014 Mazda6. Pulled out the AUDIO1 & AUDIO2 fuses for about 1 minute, plugged them back in, all working again. Thanks guys

  6. 3rd time finding your post and fixing without having to take back in to dealer which I did at least twice prior. Thanks for saving me the trouble!

    • Anonymous says:

      7/25/2017 NJ- I was quoted a price of $650.00 Plus Tax to resolve the issue with by Bluetooth not working and being Grayed out on my 2014 Mazda6 . ( New Bluetooth Module needed ) I said no thank you and did a search and came across this Post, when i got home i tried this quick 3 min fix and was back up and running without any Bluetooth problems… THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!


    • Just used this method on my Mazda 6 today and it worked. Thank you for thus helpful tip

    • Worked for me.

  7. Mazda tech says:

    Unplugging the battery can reset your keep alive which is in conjunction with your PCM. everytime you reset it your motor basically resets itself so you may end up bringing the vehicle in because it’s going to be running rough. it may happen, it may not happen ,but when you go in to get your blue tooth looked at and they give you an RO number because if your car goes in the shop it’s going to have an RO number call the Bluetooth hotline give them your RO number and tell them the problems you are having they will give you a control number and you can return that to the dealer and they will fix whatever the issue is.

    • Thanks for your input. Unplugging the battery can indeed reset the Keep Alive Memory (KAL) that controls the engine. I believe it needs to be disconnected for five minutes to reset the KAL. The KAL remembers engine fueling and driving settings for each particular car. If the KAL is reset the car will need to relearn its ideal settings. This is easily accomplished by simply driving the car. By the way, if ever your battery dies that’ll reset the KAL too. It’s not a big deal.

      Hopefully Mazda is handling Bluetooth issues with the RO Numbers you’ve described, but that wasn’t my experience, and the popularity of this page says that others are in the same boat. My experience was a run-around, and all it takes is a quick battery disconnection and reconnection to fix it. It’s totally worth it, even if the KAL does for some reason reset. It’s possible that Mazda has a new system for handing Bluetooth issues, and I hope they do. I haven’t visited my dealer for anything recently so I can’t speak about the RO Numbers. If anyone has had better experience with this recently, it would be helpful to hear about it.

      • Mark Eastwood says:

        The Mazda guy above believes it works as he/she described… but my experience is sadly different. Mazda needs to fix this or people will migrate to other cars. The power off reboot isn’t a solution its a band-aide.

    • Lynn rodriguez says:

      Thanks G
      I can finally listen to my rap music again.
      Love peace and veganism.

    • Phinehas Barnes says:

      For free?? Am not paying $700

  8. Caroline C. says:

    I’ve had my Bluetooth stop working multiple times in my 2014 Mazda 6 Touring. My USB will stop working as well. It’s really a pain to have to keep disconnecting the battery and now mine is out of warranty!!!

  9. April 29,2017
    Thank god for google. I lost my Bluetooth today. My husband disconnected battery and Bluetooth is back! Don’t know how long it’ll last. But at least I’ve got it back for now. THANKS!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Worked for me on my 2014 CX5 – Devil of a time disconnecting battery.

  11. Thank you very much! Just did this on my Mazda 6 of 2014 version and it worked like before.

  12. You nailed it, works like a charm.

  13. Thanks for the tip worked like a charm!!

  14. Thanks so much I been trying to figure this out for weeks now so simple fix

  15. Brilliant fix! Thank you!

  16. Bluetooth also failed on my 6 tourer. Pulled fuses (not blown- didn’t need replacing ) numbers 38, 43 and 44 in the engine bay fusebox. Worked straight away, just required phone, and all is seemingly good. 5min job – thanks for the advice!

  17. Thank you very much! Just did this on my wife’s 2014 Mazda 6 and it worked like a charm. Next time I will try the fuse suggestion so I don’t have to deal with tools.

  18. I have a 2014 CX-9 and the same thing happened with my Bluetooth. I diconnected the battery on the one side and waited. I hooked it back up and it works again. Normally I would call my dealer, but I’m about 12 hours from there and I don’t trust anyo,e else with my questions.

    Thank you for posting this.

  19. My issue was different, so I figured I’d throw it in the comments in case anyone comes across my particular issue. Everything on the head unit works fine, I can pair, call, etc etc. However, I had zero sound coming through the Bose system. This was using USB, Bluetooth, FM/AM and hands free calling. I called my wife and later she told me she could hear me, but I couldn’t hear her at all. No hissing noise at all…just like the audible was turned off entirely. So I saw this thread, removed negative terminal, replaced and sis working fine now. What a weird problem. Happy battery pulling to everyone! =P

    • Yeah Matt, that’s a new one. Weird. I’m glad to hear that disconnecting the battery sorted that one out too.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had the same audio problem with my 2010 Mazda 3 bluetooth. Unplugged the battery and now it works! Mazda was of no help at all. Glad I saw this post!

  20. I had both the phone and map issue. Worked for me. Great post

  21. Natasha says:

    Like everyone’s said.. Thanks so much for posting this! I had the same Bluetooth issue for the past week and have been dreading dealing with the dealership. What a quick, easy fix. Thanks again!

  22. All of these articles have saved me a lot of hehcadaes.

  23. Aurie Johnson says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the info because the dealership didn’t know anything at all!

  24. Worked great for my wife’s Mazda6 Grad Touring. Pulling the two fuses was fairly quick and easy, although I don’t like the flimsy white fuse puller Mazda includes in the fuse assembly cover. Had to finesse it to pull and replace the two fuses, but still much easier than pulling the negative battery cable (yes, do this while the engine is off.

    For those that have to do this, once you remove the fuse assembly plastic cover while on the front drive side of the engine compartment while facing toward the driver’s seat, you will look for the Audio1 fuse (upper left, top most fuse (15 amp marking)) and Audio2 fuse (lower left, bottom most fuse (7.5 amp marking). Pull them both out and then put them both back in same way you took them out with the fuse puller. You’ll have to re-program your radio stations (FM and/or AM) and your audio settings (Bass, Treble, etc.) and likely some other settings controlled through the display, but it remembered the three different Bluetooth devices that I had previously paired with the system. If you can, get the module mentioned above replaced, so you won’t have to go under the hood again, at least for this issue.

  25. Frustrated says:

    It works! So annoying Mazda has this kind of problem and they provide no help whatsoever!!!

  26. I’m having the same trouble. AGAIN TONIGHT! It did exactly the same thing a few weeks ago. After a week of not working I accidentally left my overhead light on and ran my battery down. So after restarting my battery my BLUETOOTH SUDDENLY STARTED WORKING AGAIN! So this totally makes sense now!! Thanks for your post. I will try disconnecting again!!

  27. I had problems with my navigation and my Bluetooth I removed the negative battery cable and it fixed both issues that I had . Thanks for the post.

    • I’ve actually done the same thing too. Since I wrote this article, I’ve had to reset the bluetooth once again, and my navigation has stopped working twice. Removing the battery cable fixed both problems.

  28. Stupid to disconnect the battery every two weeks! THIS IS NOT A FIX!!!

    • I agree with you there, Jim. All this solution does is get the thing working again; it can’t solve the real problem inside the radio/nav itself.

  29. Same issue with Bluetooth. Worked perfectly! Thank’s a lot.

  30. Thanks worked a treat

  31. This just happened to me today, I was going ton call the dealer first thing but decided to Google first I’m positive coming across this saved me a lot of time and energy but most of all headache, I remember when the GPS stopped working a few months ago they gave me the run around with the call this number

  32. Worked perfectly! Thanks so much for sharing!

  33. Donald Freeman says:

    Thanks for posting!!

  34. The Bluetooth on our 2014 Mazda 6, which we’ve owned since November of 2013, went out for the first time. You fix worked perfectly. Thanks for posting the magical cure!

  35. Thanks so much for this! I had the exact same issue two months in and now find myself in the same predicament a year later. I forgot how we fixed it before. So glad to find this post and remind myself how to fix this.

  36. Thanks for posting this!

  37. 2014 Mazda 6. same issue, Your fix worked perfectly. Thanks

  38. Sorry for the dumb question but do I need to disconnect the battery with the car running or off?

  39. This also happened to my car and my dealer replaced the Bluetooth module immediately with no hassle and it was fine (service advisor knew exactly the issue). Unplugging the battery will do a hard reset on all your electronics and fix the problem (most of the time) but why not just get the replacement? Most 2014 models are most likely under manufactures warranty still. I do understand not wanting to spend the $$ if out of warranty though

  40. I have a new 2015 Mazda6 Grand Touring. I noticed from the side sticker that it was made in October 2014. I had intermitent problems with the Blue Tooth. It never shut down but it would do different things like not remember my phone book off my Iphone 5 or switch between the car and my phone which was really a pain. Sometimes it would work fine for a week or more and then suddenly act up again. I complained to the Mazda Blue Tooth Help Line and they told me to go back to my dealer and have the Blue Tooth Module replaced. My dealer ordered it and replaced it today fully under warantee. My dealer C.J. Wilson Mazda in Countryside, IL was extremely helpful and gave me no problems in replacing it. Hopefully the problems will now be corrected with an updated module. They told me that Apple constantly makes changes in new model IPhones and does not share info with tech support at auto manufacturers. This is not the first time I have had problems with Apple products. I wonder if it is worth the effort of using their products. If you check the internet, most IPhone problems with Blutooth are with Apple phones.

  41. Immanuel says:

    Yes it does work and yes the Hertz technician did not know the trick.
    Many Thanks

  42. I had similar issue on my Mazda 6 2015. I came out of work and my HTC One connected no issues. I was able to stream music to the car. However, when I tried to place a call the voice recognition didn’t accept the “Phone” command. It just started to list the main menu options again ironically “Phone” being one of them. :/ If I manually connected a call, I could hear the person I dialed but they couldn’t hear me. I tried resetting the phone and the deleting the paired phone and re-pairing it but that didn’t fix the issue. Nothing worked until I came across your blog and disconnected the negative battery cable. Now it is working just fine.
    Thanks Mike!

  43. Richard says:

    Just had this issue and pulled the 2 audio fuses and its fixed.

    • Thank you for sharing about the fuses. Was able to pull mine out, waited approx. 30 seconds then put back in. Worked like a charm. These fuses are found under the hood on the upper driver side under an encasement. Diagram listed on the lid of the encasement.
      Thanks again!!

      I too had contacted Mazda Online, and they instructed me to go to the dealer. The closest dealer is 1 hour away, leaving it more cumbersome for me. But who cares right, I chose to purchase the car. Customer Service (?) The closest dealer (Fort Wayne Indiana) is not so respected when it comes to knowledge and being able to communicate on an understandable level. Last time I made an appointment, I called to confirm and ‘somehow’ my appointment was no longer in ‘their’ system……How to run a business 101…it SHOULD be the business that calls the customer to confirm an appointment….On word, Responsibility….ugh Today’s laxed society. What is the world coming to…..

      • I didn’t mention fuses, but you’re right, pulling the fuse that controls the entertainment system would cut the power and reset the Bluetooth, same as disconnecting the battery. It’s a little more complicated though, so I don’t recommend that everyone try it, but if you’re familiar with the process, it should work.

        • Sorry Mike, I was replying to Richards comment about the fuses. I felt it was faster and less cumbersome for me then how you described. Being in the field without tools, the fuse side was the way to go.

  44. I had the same problem but I have had to disconnect the battery 4 times in the last 12 months to make it work

  45. Anonymous says:

    I had the same issue and disconnected the battery and it is back working. Hoping this does not happen in the future because I will be out of my warranty at the end of the year.

  46. Smarty Pants says:

    Thank you so much for posting this for the benefit of others that were facing the same frustration as you.

    I have to vent about my experience however. I took my car to the dealership for this exact same issue and was told multiple reasons that didn’t make any sense. These people at the car dealerships see a girl walk in and think they can feed her any bullshit about car issues they can think of. At least give me some quality bullshit if you absolutely must.

    The mechanic I was interacting with told me that it was an issue with the phones I was pairing with the car. When I told him that I had a Samsung, the guy proceeded to tell me that this would only work with Apple devices (wtf?) and then when I called him out on that for not making any sense, he mentioned that the USB port is for mazda devices only to update the the software (WTF?). Why cant people just say I DON’T KNOW when they don’t? There is no penalty for saying that instead losing your credibility over something dumb like this. I conveyed my feelings verbatim and he told me it was too tough to explain and that I wouldn’t understand it. I told him he should help me understand something he actually knows instead of this horseshit.

    This was indeed a simple fix. Thanks.

    • I’m still amazed that dealership employees think, because they’re the dealer, that they know every possible thing about a car. If they don’t have an answer, rather than simply doing an online search, they make up an answer because they’re supposed to be an expert. And as a woman, this is probably doubly true, because most service techs think they’re an authority because they’re the dealer, and also because they’re a man (bullshit).

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad the post was helpful.

    • Anonymous says:

      I received a line of by from the dealer also. I paid for a new phone, as they said my Samsung 2 was too old. It didn’t work with the next one. They acted as if I were making it up! To finally find out, after 6 months, that they knew Mazda has Bluetooth issues is extremely disheartening. This is my second new Mazda, but no more. I will never trust them again.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Solved my problem – thanks for posting this!

  48. Anonymous says:

    So glad I found this. Fixed the problem!

  49. Anonymous says:

    This fixed my problem too. Thank you!

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